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Putting the Pieces Together

September 1, 2020 Update


We serve 300 families EVERY


for all of the ways you support us, but

right now during Hunger Action Month,

we are asking for your financial  support

so we can keep feeding our hungry

neighbors. We buy all of our food from

Northern IL Food Bank.  Thank you.​

Out of Work, Full of Hope - St. John Lutheran Church Pantry responds to the Coronavirus Crisis.

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Giving is easy when it aligns with your values. 

St. John Lutheran Church FP - Portico

Last year we distributed over 1,000,000 lbs.

Your monetary gift is critical.  100% of our budget is funded by donations.  While we are housed within St. John Lutheran Church, the church does not purchase food or pay for any food pantry expenses.  We are community supported.

NOW, we feed 1,325+ families/4,970+ individuals monthly


Pre-COVID, we fed 800+ families/3,000+ individuals monthly

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Community response to Facebook mask request.

Your gifts matter to Cathy E. and keeps her family fed.

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