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August 2019

4.23.20 Update

We are being overwhelmed by

a community in need due to the 

unexpected COVID-19 crisis 

that is impacting this community.

We are SO THANKFUL for all

of the ways you support us, but

your financial gifts keep us 

feeding our hungry neighbors.

We buy all of our food from

Northern IL Food Bank. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Giving is easy when it aligns with your values.  Who doesn't value food, or time spent with family and friends for a meal?


Last year we distributed over 1,000,000 lbs.


Your monetary gift is critical.  100% of our budget is funded by donations.

While we are housed within St. John Lutheran Church, the church does not purchase food or pay for any food pantry expenses.  We are community supported.

Please, give as you are able to.

Your tax deductible donation goes a long way

to feed our hungry neighbors

NOW, we feed 1,325+ families / 4,970+ individuals a month


Pre-COVID, we fed 800+ families/3,000+ individuals monthly