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Thursdays 9:00am - 11:00am

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While uncertainty looms, you should know for certain that we are 

ready to serve you, no explanation necessary.  

Everyone is welcome

  • You do not need to bring an ID, paperwork, or a referral

  • You do not need to make an appointment

  • You do not need to live in a certain zip code, school district, or county

  • The only thing you need is to show up and let us share our abundance 

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St. John Lutheran Church Food Pantry Hours

We are a first responder to the hunger crisis in our community.  We are here to serve our hungry neighbors three times a week at our regular food pantry and four times a year at our special Mobile Food Pantry events.

You may receive food every 21 days at our weekly pantry.  You may also receive food at our Mobile Food Pantry events. Mobile Food Pantry events do not count towards the 21 day rule.

We are only closed on major holidays.  Always check here and our FaceBook page for the most current information.

Volunteer Schedules

All scheduled volunteers may view their schedules for for distribution, pick ups, deliveries, etc.


View Schedule, Volunteer, Sponsor

There is something for everyone at a St. John mobile.  Receive food, volunteer, or sponsor an event!


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Individuals, Groups, Families

Youth and adults are welcome to serve our hungry neighbors.  Get your community service hours here. We really need Saturday volunteers!


Donations, Memorial Gifts, Corporate Matching Gifts

We rely on the community to help serve our hungry neighbors. Your gifts purchase 5,200 gallons of milk and

1 million lbs. of food a year!


St. John Lutheran Church Food Pantry @StJohnFoodPantry

View photos, leave comments, read news, get updates, and join in the conversation of hunger and hope in our community. 

Food Pantry News



2020 MFP


February 4, 2020

The 2020 Mobile Food Pantry Events are:

Saturday, April 25

Saturday, June 6

Saturday, September 12

Saturday, November 7

Registration opens at 8:00am.  No proxies or line holding is allowed.

We will have food for 250-300 people.  Download the flyer below for dates.


Visit our MFP page for sponsorship information and to sign up to volunteer!


2020 MFP Date Release on Feb. 1

January 8, 2020

We are working on scheduling our 2020 Mobile Food Pantry events.  Check back here on February 1 for the dates so you can mark them on your calendar to receive food, serve others or donate financially to the event.  


We strive to serve every participant 100 lbs. of food including 10 lbs. of meat!

Many thanks to your 2019 volunteers and sponsors. If you would like to volunteer, sign up will open on February 1st.

Businesses, families, churches, civic groups and individuals are all welcome to help sponsor events.  Call Dawn at 815.439.2320 for information.

Photos on our FB page, St.John Lutheran 

Church Food Pantry.


1 Million


January 8, 2020

We were able to distribute 1 million pounds of food last year!  That is the most we have ever given out.

If you can spare a few hours a week, or a few hours a month, we are happy to have you work along side of us serving our hungry neighbors.

If you are able to make a financial donation, we want you to know 100% of your gift stays in the food pantry!   Every gift makes an impact in the lives of so many.


We appreciate you and your generosity.  Together we can make 2020 a year of abundant giving and service to our neighbors.


Who Visits Our Pantry?

September 10, 2019

Cheryl Bolden shares her personal experience with St. John Lutheran Church Food Pantry.  Click the red button to watch her story.


As a pantry client, cancer patient and mom to 30+ children, Cheryl's experience demonstrates the need for St. John Lutheran Church Food Pantry in this community.

View this video and more on our YouTube channel.

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