St. John Lutheran Church Food Pantry is a 501(c)(3) organization



Your tax deductible donation goes a long way to feed our hungry neighbors. 

We feed over 800 families/3,000 individuals a month! 


Our only source of funding is private donations. We do not receive any funding from the State of Illinois, Will County, Joliet, or surrounding communities.  St. John Lutheran Church does not purchase food for the pantry.   


To continue serving our growing number of hungry children and their families, we must connect with like minded partners.  We purchase all of our food through the Northern Illinois Food Bank at significantly discounted prices and get FREE groceries, produce, breads, and other items as well. 


We need your help to purchase food, fund mobile food pantry events, provide milk and eggs for our clients, and keep our community fed.


If your school, church, or organization has held a food drive or has other foods to donate, we will gladly accept non-expired donations.  Contact us via email, or at 815.439.2320.


Thank you for your support.  We couldn't do it without YOU!!!  Please give today.


$  3.03

$  9.48


$  7.50

$  5.04

$  9.79



$  1.08

$  1.26

$    .72

$  1.26







Here is a sample of what we'll order with your donations. 


Click on the item to view a photo.


free delivery with a $500 order!

Above are groceries that we purchase by the case from the Northern IL Food Bank. 


For example, we can purchase a case, which contains 15, 16 oz. bags of cereal, for $3.03.  One 13 oz. box of this same cereal currently costs over $3 at leading grocery stores.  We clearly get phenomenal pricing.


If you would like to purchase food like this for our hungry clients, click the donate button below.  You can enter any amount you would like. 







How much of my donation is used by the food pantry?

100% of your donation is used for the food pantry. 


How do I send a check?

Please make checks out to "St. John Lutheran Church" and indicate "Food Pantry" on the memo line.  You may mail it or drop it off at the church office Mon - Fri 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., St. John Lutheran Church, 2650 Plainfield Road, Joliet, IL 60435.


None of your donation goes to the St. John Lutheran Church general fund or for other church related work. 


Why can't I just write a check to the food pantry?

St. John Lutheran Church houses the food pantry program and gives in kind space, equipment, and supplies.  To keep food pantry expenses to a minimum, the church covers the expenses associated with checking accounts, paying bills, and making deposits.


I'm uncomfortable writing checks to religous organizations, now what?

No problem.  Contact us for instruction on how to give to us via the Northern IL Food Bank and we will receive a food credit for that exact amount.